Sunday, November 24, 2013

COMING SOON - Rabid Jesytr Productions "Night Shift"


Rabid Jestyr Studios is wrapping up post production on the long awaited "NIGHT SHIFT" movie.  The studio has released some production stills in advance of the movie's release.

This movie has been in production for a while, too long, probably.  Its funny how easy RL and SL happenings can delay a movie's release.   But in the end, with the support and not prodding from friends and family, the movie is finally complete.   I think the final product is a fun romp through a late night fantasy. 

PLOT:  Have you ever wonder how a first responder keeps entertained late at night alone in the firehouse when there are no incidence to respond to?   This one finds internet porn and a good imagination can do the job!

The movie features Porn Director Raelin Rage-Stillwater and newcomer Tokyo "Infamous" Stillwater in his movie debut.

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